Ephesus is a consulting group with a different approach


Helping our client partners drive game changing initiatives— from launching new ventures and improving operational performance, to seeing new opportunities before your competitors and implementing those changes to your advantage.We don’t just identify challenges and opportunities, but help you innovate and make the changes necessary for success, by putting you ahead of the curve. We’ll give you a different point of view that you won’t get from other consulting firms, saving you time and resources while improving the bottom line. We look forward to discussing how we can deliver innovation to results with your enterprise. Contact us today at info@ephesusconsulting.com


Why You Need Us

In today's fast-paced, ever-changing world, taking advantage of opportunities requires you to be nimble and able to react quickly. You need a clear plan for execution. You may be in search of a non-political solution or a partner to initiate, drive and complete a project. Sometimes you simply need to save time and get things done. Ephesus Consulting is your go-to partner, ready to help you achieve your business goals, aims and objectives. We come in as the special forces, helping our clients achieve the impossible when failure is not an option.

When change needs to happen.

When you need resources.


So how will you make it happen? You need methodology, process innovation and expertise to enact the change that will ensure the success of a project, initiative—or your company. 

You need to start, execute and successfully complete a project or initiative. But you’re short on qualified resources. We’ll come in and see it through from start to successful completion.

When you need an objective perspective.

When you need a coach.

Today’s chaotic business environment often creates “can’t see the forest for the trees” situations. Let us assess, analyize and give you an objective point of view—with strategy and tactics to clear the view and get you headed in the right direction. 

You’ve got a talented team, or an individual ready for the next level in a promising career. How do you get them where they need to be before the competition sees the potential and they’re gone? We’ll come in and coach to success—for your company. 


When you need to navigate political waters.

Need someone to navigate the political terrain while getting things done? We’ll partner with you, manage the unmanageable and part the watersfor your next big initiative or crucial project.