Customer Focused Process Innovation

A Field Guide for Innovators

The 2016 Shingo Award Winning Book Customer Focused Process Innovation by David Hamme.

Companies need problem solvers –individuals with the knowledge and experience to serve as change agents and drive changes that positively impact the bottom line. Unfortunately, there is no singular recipe that can be used consistently that leads to success. What innovators need is a flexible approach that answers three simple yet hard to answer questions.


In the United States today there are roughly 800,000 consulting groups, employing nearly 1.8 million consultants with total sales of approximately $201 billion. Despite the immensity of the consulting industry, there remains limited direction on how to hire, manage, and fire consultants. The consulting industry guards its secrets well. In this FREE white paper, Ephesus Consulting reveals the tricks behind the game and offers business leaders an approach to make sure they are getting the greatest possible value from their consulting partners. 

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