Who We Are

Ephesus is a consulting group with a different approach, helping our client partners drive game changing initiatives— from launching new ventures and improving operational performance, to seeing new opportunities before your competitors and implementing those changes to your advantage.

We don’t just identify challenges and opportunities, but help you innovate and make the changes necessary for success, by putting you ahead of the curve. 

We’ll give you a different point of view that you won’t get from other consulting firms, saving you time and resources while improving the bottom line. 

We look forward to discussing how we can deliver innovation to results with your enterprise. Contact us today at info@ephesusconsulting.com

What We Do

Innovation Management

The creation of an innovation process that addresses organizational challenges, including ongoing management of the process.

Strategic Planning & Execution

Creating and executing strategic processes that include the voice of the customer, competitive analysis, and the delivery of an actionable and detailed strategic plan. Our strategic services include the planning and execution of all the activities required to put the strategic plan into place.

Process Management & Improvement

Conducting process improvement exercises including the use of Lean, Six Sigma, and other process methodologies. We are unique in our ability to design and deploy a process management structure or even fully transition an enterprise to become process based in both innovation endeavors and in general management practices.

Investigation & Solution Design

Completing an analysis of a business, including the identification of opportunities and an initial strawman design. These analysis projects include the business case for change, the identification of issues to remediate, and an action plan.

Performance Management

Designing and developing metrics/reports/scorecards to clearly monitor the ongoing performance of key initiatives and success indicators.

Operational Efficiency

Launching and executing programs to improve quality, reduce risk, increase throughput, cut cycle time, and to increase scalability or reduce the costs of a part of an organization.

Change Management & Organizational Deployment

Analyze and design the organizational structures and communication channels to enact change.

Program & Project Management

Developing the project/program structures, deliverables, milestones, and management tools that enable the successful execution of programs/projects. This includes training individual contributors on process improvement, change management, project execution, facilitation and issue management.

Portfolio Management

Creating and managing the project funnel from ideation to execution, and ensuring the enterprise optimally allocates its resources for successful completion.

When You Need Us

In today's fast-paced, ever-changing world, taking advantage of opportunities requires you to be nimble and able to react quickly. You need a clear plan for execution. You may be in search of a non-political solution or a partner to initiate, drive and complete a project. Sometimes you simply need to save time and get things done. Ephesus Consulting is your go-to partner, ready to help you achieve your business goals, aims and objectives. We come in as the special forces, helping our clients achieve the impossible when failure is not an option.

When you need resources.

You need to start, execute and successfully complete a project or initiative. But you’re short on qualified resources. We’ll come in and see it through from start to successful completion.

When change needs to happen.

So how will you make it happen? You need methodology, process innovation and expertise to enact the change that will ensure the success of a project, initiative—or your company.

When you need a coach.

You’ve got a talented team, or an individual ready for the next level in a promising career. How do you get them where they need to be before the competition sees the potential and they’re gone? We’ll come in and coach to success—for your company.

When you need an objective perspective.

Today’s chaotic business environment often creates “can’t see the forest for the trees” situations. Let us assess, analyze and give you an objective point of view—with strategy and tactics to clear the view and get you headed in the right direction.

When you need to navigate political waters.

Need someone to navigate the political terrain while getting things done? We’ll partner with you, manage the unmanageable and part the watersfor your next big initiative or crucial project.


Major Automotive Retailer 

Situation: Seeking to enter a new market, innovate customer experience and drive top sales line growth, the automotive retailer decided to launch a new customer experience complete with an innovative store design. This included increased use of technology, a customer-pleasing atmosphere, and a new sales process.

Ephesus Role: Ephesus partnered with the retailer to assist in the design of the new concept, facilitate design sessions, manage issues and decisions as they occurred, develop and execute to a plan, coordinate across teams to make sure the program met targets. 

Results: Market entry was nearly flawless and completed on the projected date. The scalable approach utilized by Ephesus to facilitate and manage the market entry has since been institutionalized and is being utilized for expanding the new brand into additional markets (also lead by Ephesus Consulting). 

Large Grocery Retailer 

Situation: Regional Grocery Chain was looking for capital to invest in further expansion and to fuel innovation efforts. By cutting costs through eliminating unnecessary spending across the organization, capital would be freed up to drive investments to fuel their strategic plan and expand their footprint.

Results: Ephesus Consulting helped the client identify over 400 cost reduction opportunities with over $150 million in savings during a 12-week engagement. 



Ephesus Role: Ephesus was engaged to lead the initiative. This included training on a cost reduction methodology for a joint client/Ephesus team. Ephesus also coached the executive team and the client team throughout the project Attention was on facilitating the identification and prioritization of cost reduction opportunities and conducting business cases on each opportunity to understand the impacts and the potential savings. 

Software Provider

Situation: Small startup seeking to further define their business plan, increase their promotional efforts, and build innovative practices into their daily routines.

Results: Client continues to gain new customers and is now one of the top players in its industry.  



Ephesus Role: Ephesus was engaged to accomplish the identified opportunities. Facilitated leadership sessions, took company through a branding exercise, developed an R&D function with continuous feedback loops from their customers. 

Large Grocery Retailer

Situation: Regional grocery chain was finding it challenging to adequately support and execute upon their business strategy due to challenges associated with the stability of their IT infrastructure. As a result, a transformational IT initiative was launched to improve the "health" of their IT infrastructure and improve the operating model. A primary goal is to enable future business capabilities and solutions for their internal and external customers.

Result: The chain can now offer a variety of in-store services for their customers that differentiate them from their competitors. The improvements will help improve the stability of the current IT operating platform, which will better enable the company to improve existing and/or create new in-store services to enhance the customer shopping experience in on-line ordering capabilities, pick up / delivery services, cell phone apps, etc.

Ephesus Role: Ephesus was engaged to help lead and manage multiple complex programs associated with transformational IT initiative which required driving near-term value through future investments in future IT capabilities. In order to meet these goals the team provided extensive thought leadership, program management, change management support and the establishment of a KPI framework.


The Ephesus Story

We call our company Ephesus Consulting to remind ourselves and our clients to be innovators.

Two thousand years ago the Greek coastal city of Ephesus flourished as a major commercial center. Second only to Rome in population, Ephesus was unique in how it assimilated technology and business advances, far surpassing other civilizations. It was in ancient Ephesus that we find the first instance of marketing, public libraries and other public facilities for the greater good, retail districts and storefronts. The advancements begun in Ephesus live on today in business practices and communities everywhere.  

Whether leading a corporate-wide cost reduction project, facilitating a planning process, or revolutionizing the processes of an enterprise, Ephesus Consulting challenges the status quo to drive game-changing innovations. Contact us today.